Jo Banthorpe

Jo qualified in Acupuncture in 2010. The daughter of a local vet, dreams of following in her father’s footsteps were thwarted due to severe allergies to animals. Instead, she turned to Dentistry and completed her pre-clinical studies at Guys Hospital, London. She chose to put her career on hold in order to concentrate on family commitments and raising her four children.

Jo later worked in a variety of roles within the NHS which proved to be unfulfilling and she came to realise that the current ‘quick fix’ medication culture, where time and empathy were seemingly lacking, was failing many patients. She discovered the benefits of Five Element Acupuncture first hand during her own period of transition, and was strongly drawn to its holistic approach which she felt was not being offered by conventional medicine.

Jo undertakes regular Continual Professional Development and ongoing Supervision. In 2014, she completed the training in Supervision and Mentoring for Acupuncturists and offers 1-to-1 or group sessions to therapists and those working in isolation in caring professions.

Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient form of classical Chinese Medicine which is a very simple yet powerful method of restoring the body’s natural balance, bringing relief from symptoms and pain.



Holistic Therapy

Treatment on the Five Elements entails work on an emotional as well as physical level. The aim is to achieve a whole-person balance, making this treatment particularly useful where emotional issues like stress, anxiety, depression are involved.



Less is More

This classical school of thought differs from the more widely practised Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in a practical sense in that it advocates the use of as few needles as possible in any one treatment, and these are generally not retained in the body for long periods of time.